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From Hi-Fi to Wi-Fi, home cinemas to home security, IT to CCTV, Cornflake are the masters of technology.  In fact we’re so passionate about home automation – especially audio reproduction – we consider it an art form.

Welcome to the Art of Technology.  With over 25 years experience and 1000s of happy clients, Cornflake’s knowledge and expertise in designing and seamlessly integrating smart technology is second to none.  We strive to make life easier by recommending the best, most good-looking, simple-to-use, energy-efficient and highly-trusted technology.  Smart equipment that puts clients firmly in control, enhances homes and enriches lives.

Every member of our team passionately loves what they do and, like you, gets a kick from sensational sound, thrilling imagery, exceptionally smooth-running kit …and saving money on energy bills.  Our skilled curators are each highly-trained in a specialist field,  including audiophile-level sound reproduction, video & cinema, lighting, security, window treatments, home energy efficiency, IT & telecoms. Dedicated and professional, Cornflake’s team is renowned through the industry, especially amongst our peers, for “unsurpassed engineering skills” and our 24/7 service culture.

Why are we so good at what we do?  We recognise your home is special and that you want things to work perfectly, first-time, every time.  Just as they should.   We specify the right kit for the right task in the right place.   And, because we’re completely independent and not tied to any brands or suppliers, we objectively recommend the best products from across the marketplace for maximum impact, dependability and controllability.    We excel at winning awards for making life easy. We’d love to help you.

For a chat about our services and how we can assist call us today on 020 7323 4554 or email

The Art of Technology… defined by Cornflake.

Cornflake is a certified KNX integrator and fully supports the professional home automation standards laid down by our industry tradebody CEDIA. 

We are proud to be winners in the CEDIA Awards 2014


ITSA Awards logo WINNER


2014 Best Showroom WINNER

2014 Best Dressed Rack FINALIST

2014 Best Lighting Scheme over 25K FINALIST

Smart App-artment

The Smart APP-artment is Cornflake’s iPad-controlled, designer-styled experience centre, where invited clients can road-test the very latest technology.

Located in central London, the Smart APP-artment is the first experience centre of its kind in the UK showcasing the world’s finest audio, cinema, lighting, security, IT and telecoms systems, featuring top brands such as Bowers & Wilkins, Sonos, Crestron and Lutron.    Beautiful art, furniture and accessories all complement the integrated technology and help to demonstrate how Cornflake’s experience and imagination can transform the modern home or business.

Listen to our stunning hi-fi systems and speakers, experience the ultimate home cinema and discover how intelligent lighting systems can create the pefect ambience wherever and whenever you want.  Learn how we can banish your IT hassles and integrate security systems to ensure your home really is your castle.   If you’re interested, we’ll also show you the engine behind-the-scenes.  Five impressive control racks are housed in a unique glass-walled plant room to help clients fully appreciate how a smart home works.

Words and pictures simply can’t do justice to the Smart APP-artment – you really have to experience it for yourself.   To arrange a visit to our luxurious pad in the heart of the West End call us today to book a private viewing. Visits are strictly by appointment.   

The Smart APP-artment… the Art of Technology realised.


For details of the full range of products on show please contact our team on 0207 323 4554 or email us at

Lighting and Blinds

Architects spend more hours considering lighting than any other item.  And with good reason, lighting is highly complex and has a huge impact on comfort levels, with the instant ability to mute or complement the interior design, furnishings and the architecture itself.  

The Smart App-artment has six fully-working, room-by-room, lighting displays to inspire clients with ingenious solutions including a dedicated lighting room where you can test the latest LEDs; view state-of-the-art coffered ceiling options; wonder at realistic natural daylight bulbs and have fun with colour-changing mood lights.  Our professional lighting designers have a wealth of experience of designing, implementing and commissioning both contemporary and classic high-end lighting projects.  We advise and assist at every level, working closely with clients to understand how each room is used, what needs to emphasised and changing usage patterns over time.

Window treatments also play a fundamental role in good lighting design, helping to harvest or block daylight as  required.  Imagine if your blinds or curtains could be scheduled to open and close while you were out; allowing sunshine to warm rooms or to be drawn tight at bedtime to retain heat.  (Saving on energy costs in the process).  Or if your blinds automatically closed whenever the TV is switched on, or were programmed on a timer as a deterrent to burglars.   The possibilities are endless, especially for older and less agile homeowners. Cornflake specialies in the integration and automation of lighting and window treatments. And as controlling these elements can all be done from a single controller, an Apple iPad or your preferred android platform, it’s all incredibly simple.

Controlling your lights and curtains from the beach or your office, or just without moving from the comfort of  your armchair, is easily sorted by our team.   Conflake fits and automates every conceivable type of window treatment in any size or shape aperture.   Blinds, rollers, blackouts, Roman or Venetian, motorised curtains, screen drapes and privacy glass, our clever Lighting & Blinds experts advise on all aspects of integration from the aesthetics to the technical logistics, including  offering a huge choice of fabrics and linings.    

The Art of  Technology… illuminated by Cornflake.


Today’s homes use a huge amount of technology – central heating, lighting, TVs, boilers, computers, phones, tablets, Hi-Fi, AV and security systems… the list is endless.  Getting all this kit to work properly, and simply do what it should when you want it to, can be a real headache often taking up more time than it saves. Not to mention to stress.  And with umpteen warranties and separate policies for the upkeep of  each appliance that’s a lot of paperwork to track, especially for busy families and large residences.

Cornflake Concierge was designed to banish technology hassles.   To enable clients to off-load the stress of running their home technology and automation systems to a dedicated third party available 24/7 throughout the year. Concierge is built on Cornflake’s extensive experience of installing, integrating and managing technology to the highest levels of quality and workmanship.  Maintaining systems and  keeping them in tip-top condition is what we love, ensuring that equipment performs as smoothly as the day it was installed.

Cornflake Concierge offers servicing support designed to meet a wide range of demands; including fast-track home call-outs; remote problem resolution; regular maintenance visits; daily data back-up; dedicated email services and individually-designed telephony packages, with greatly reduced or waived call-out charges for clients.

From IT consultancy to complete round-the-clock support, a Cornflake Concierge contract can be shaped to meet your personal requirements, making technology troubles a thing of the past and leaving you to get on with life.


For almost 30 years Cornflake, like many of our audiophile clients, has been striving to achieve sonic perfection.   It’s an obsession that continues to challenge and delight in equal measure.

Our long-standing relationship with many high-end audio brands has enabled us to carve out a unique position in the industry.   We are invited to hand-pick for display some of the world’s finest speakers and Hi-Fi components.  These very special pieces of equipment are made available for clients, and prospective clients, to audition in our specially-built acoustically-balanced listening room, right in the heart of the West End.

State-of-the-art Hi-Fi, coupled with the some of the most sonically-impressive and visually-striking speakers, ensure we have something to suit every taste; whether you’re an iPod user just dipping a toe into the world of high-end audio, a discerning vinyl enthusiast or a dedicated aficionado seeking knowledgebable debate and purchasing advice from like-minded souls.


Cornflake is its people. We are strong, confident, knowledgeable and particularly service oriented. If you are of the same mind-set and passionate about going the extra mile; or would like to work for an expanding company at the leading-edge of the industry, and can bring something new to the table then please get in touch. We’re always looking for talented project managers, engineering staff, IT specialists and knowledgeable sales consultants to join our friendly team.
How to apply: send a short CV and covering letter outlining your experience and why you’d like to be a Cornflake!

Winter 2014: WE’RE RECRUITING.


We need another top-flight Customer Service Engineer to join our award-winning ranks.  

Renowned for unsurpassed customer servicing levels, we’re only interested in hearing from engineers who share our commitment and passion for going the extra mile to delight demanding clients.  If you are a professional custom installation engineer, with wide ranging skills and never tire of learning because technology never stops changing, we’d like to hear from you.

Cornflake’ engineers are expected to fully immerse themselves in our world: operating as a dedicated team player with committed like-minded people who are always willing to do whatever it takes to get a job finished on deadline.  Applicants need the full breadth of CI skills from dimming LEDs to building state-of-the-art home cinemas. In addition to team-working you must also be independently confident and as comfortable client-facing as briefing a new supplier or advising an uninitiated architect.

Engineers are expected to manage their own time and schedules; must respect and nurture valued contracts and support the company’s ambitious corporate objectives. In return we offer great terms; full recognition of your skills and a fantastic working environment in which to grow and thrive.

If you are personable and have tangible experience (in most of the following areas): AV custom installs, smart phones and tablets, software & operating systems, Cloud computing & connected devices, internet & networks, voice & telephony please drop us a line today with your CV and salary expectations.

Our engineers are legendary!  You will operate from our headline-grabbing award-winning showroom The Smart APP-artment, and be privileged to work in some of the most beautiful homes in London and the South East. We pride ourselves on providing a pleasant, friendly, professional working environment with the opportunity for fast-track career progression. We pay competitive salaries to secure and retain the best talent; but in return we challenge and set exacting standards; so expect to be pushed. We support – and invest in – our people, providing ongoing training and a wide range of staff benefits and pastoral care. Our team enjoys working for a transparent CEDIA-accredited company with a huge appetite for technology; we’re always open to new ideas and frequently adopt new processes to keep abreast of the fast-paced IoT and to maintain our market leading status.

Finally, we’re brand-agnostic to ensure we offer clients the best independent honest advice and we expect the same standards and principles from our team. If you think you could add value to our brand please send a short covering note with your CV in confidence to Robin Shephard & Gary Lewis clearly explaining why you’d make a great Cornflake. and (Posted 5th November 2014)



To find out about our full range of technology and how it can be integrated into your home or business, to enquire about Cornflake Concierge or to request an invitation to the Smart APP-artment, please contact us today. Whatever your query, we look forward to hearing from you.


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